Terms and Conditions

To begin construction we require a 50% deposit, signed approval on specifications and all finish selections, and PO when applicable. Balance due prior to shipment. Existing customers in good standing, balance due upon delivery. If customer cannot take delivery upon completion, balance will become due and storage fees may apply.

Deposits are non-refundable. Shipment fees will be quoted at time of sale, but actual charges will be invoiced at time of shipping. Prepayment of shipping may be requested for orders outside the 48 contiguous United States.

Service charge will be added on accounts which remain unpaid beyond stated terms at an interest rate of 1.5% per month. 

Fully prepaid orders can be eligible to receive up to an additional 2% discount off entire order.

Catalog items are typically shipped in 8-10 weeks and custom orders will often take longer dependent on design, material sourcing and custom engineering. Delivery dates subject to change.

Product acceptance: Our products are considered accepted upon delivery. We support our products and expect you to be delighted, and we will gladly fix any defects found upon delivery. We do not warrantee products for normal wear and tear, but we offer reasonable refurbishment services and support our customers on an ongoing basis. Commercial inserts carry various OEM warrantees. We have many outdoor units still happily in service for over a decade.

Only materials on the designer series materials and finishes specification are warranted for outdoor use. These materials were chosen based on years of experience. Vermont Islands will produce custom work using other materials on request however these will not be warranted for use outdoors.

Any change requests after construction start may result in additional charges; customer acknowledges that although we love to accommodate whatever we can, a late change may result in significantly higher cost and longer lead time than had the change been made before construction start.

All estimates assume free access for delivery. Any constraints to delivery (elevators, doors, stairs, lawns, etc.) must be communicated at time of estimate and noted on estimate for estimate to be valid. Designing smaller pieces to accommodate such constraints usually results in higher cost.

All quotes valid for thirty days.

Catalog pricing subject to change without notice.

Our products are hand-built by Vermont crafts-people from both natural and synthetic materials and as such, there will naturally be variations from item to item. Our product designs are the result of continual improvement, and so we reserve the right to evolve our construction details – so please review your plans/specifications prior to every order.

Prices quoted are subject to any additions necessary to cover Federal, State and Local taxes or import duties applicable to the product or services described, or applicable to the production, distribution or delivery thereof, all of which shall be paid by the customer.

Products are not necessarily manufactured to conform to any particular ordinance, code or regulation (including those to which the customer or its project may be subject) unless so stated or specifically contracted to do so in writing by Vermont Islands. Vermont Islands assumes no liability for any difficulties experienced by the customer should any product fail to comply with any particular local ordinance or regulation, or for any damages or fines that they may incur.

Buyer shall pay all local, state and/or federal taxes applicable - except for sales within Vermont where local sales tax will be collected by Vermont Islands.

Vermont Islands reserves all rights and copyright privileges in connection to all proposals and all accompanying drawings and specifications provided to the customer. Under no circumstance may any designs, drawings and specifications be used for construction by any third party without permission. Said use without permission will result in a liability for the full original estimated cost of the project.

All sales agreements shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the state of Vermont.